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Ongoing Classes



See for yourself.


Audits do two things: they allow you to get a feel for what it's like to work with Tim, and give Tim a chance to make sure you're a good fit as well.

Every actor becomes better at their craft the more they work at it.  Use these as professional job-getting classes. Prep material you want to be seen for, and coach your auditions with a master.  

You ready to play? 

Satisfy the requirements of any audition with clear and specific tools that allow you the freedom to make unavoidable choices, justified by the text.  

Working this way, your work becomes simple, direct, universally appealing, and with practice, highly effective. 

Ready to find out how great working on your acting and audition skills can feel when you treat yourself like a professional? 


You have two choices, a working and a non-working audit. Both are one time events, and are available at no charge through the end of the 2019. To be great at what you need to own in order to move up in this business, you've got to have drive. You've got to be willing. The business is hard enough, getting the training you need shouldn't be out of your reach. 


Come get a feel for what you're really capable of doing. 


Start with what you're great at. Prepare 2-3 pages in your casting. You can bring in a current auditions you want to submit, a past auditions you want to work on, or material you know you have to be seen for. 

Classes are limited to 10 working actors. Because these are professional classes, actors drop in when they are available. You'll get to watch and learn from other artists in the room. When you're ready, you'll work your first take cold, just to warm up and give Tim a feel for who you are. Then you'll receive an adjustment and be given a tool to use. Both takes will be taped, and you'll literally get to see a huge difference between them. 


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Better auditions means more work.


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Studying with Tim

you'll learn and master 

  Which audition preparation tools work best for you

• A set of simple, effective, immediately applicable acting tools that ground you in honesty 

• How to nail the first ten seconds of the audition, which is where most actors lose the job

• How to work from your gut by staying out of your head

• How to quickly make adjustments and incorporate redirects in your auditions, callbacks, and on set

• How to handle complex directions in a spontaneous manner

• The most simple and human ways to glean from the text every clue the writer has embedded there

• How to really get and satisfy a variety of character breakdowns 

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Tim Phillips Studio provides an excellent & affordable creative lifeline for actors and artists everywhere.


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