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Stack the deck in your favor with this easy to use audition manual for on-camera actors. PLEASE PURCHASE ONLINE THROUGH AMAZON.
Every on-camera audition is an opportunity to advance your acting career, and master audition coach Tim Phillips puts 35 years of experience directly into your back pocket, with step by step, clear, and immediately actionable tools you can use to improve your audition skills today. 

Auditions and self-submissions (the audition to get the audition) are now more about booking the callback than booking the job, so it has become ever more essential that you feel confident in the body of your characters, trust your choices, know what to do with your close-ups, how to differentiate multiple characters with only one reader,  how to incorporate readjustments without feeling pressured, and many other camera audition techniques.

What is within your control as an actor is in this book. 


Make great and lasting impressions on casting directors, writers, and producers with simple, clear, accessible tools that improve your ability to read and investigate the sides quickly.


Learn how to rely on your curiosity, make room for intuition, and use deductive reasoning to craft honest, unavoidable characters that are based on the text. 

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Tim Phillips Studio provides an excellent & affordable creative lifeline for actors and artists everywhere.


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