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Do I have to audition to join a class?

No. We recommend that if you have any hesitation at all, you sign up for a non-working audit. Being a good fit goes both ways. You are welcome to drop into any class where there is an open spot. All of Tim's teaching leads back to the same place: you -unavoidable, you -crafted, you -in character. Email to be added to the Shortlist. When a cancellation occurs, you'll get the first invite to drop in and work for half price.

Is there a minimum age for class?

Yes, though when a 16-17 year old actor has been particularly well-adjusted through private coaching sessions (first), they are occasionally invited into the online Zoom classes. If you are wondering about your right fit and are also under 18, you must schedule a private coaching with Tim Phillips to work before you can be invited into the ongoing classes.

What do I do if the scheduler is non-responsive?

Occasionally the scheduler will be non-responsive; it happens sometimes. Here are some possible fixes: 1) Refresh your browser window and try again. 2) Change your browser and try again. 3) Worst case scenario, send an email to Please give 2 business days to respond.

How come I can't schedule the class I want?

It might be sold out :) Availability is signaled with a BLACK BOLD DATE on the calendar. If a spot is not available, the dates remain gray. This is not your last chance however. Email us to add yourself to the Shortlist so that if a spot opens last minute, we can reach out to you within that 24 hour window to invite you in at half price.

Can I schedule an audit?

Yes, when a class is sold out. When class is sold out, we add two non-working audits spot to the roster, at $25 each, instead of the full $50 spot. On the chance that someone cancels within 24 hours of a class start, we email our Shortlist to ask for a working or non-working audit replacement. To add yourself to that list, email

How do I schedule MULTIPLE sessions for private coaching or classes?

1) First, click on the icon (image) of the class or coaching you'd like to join. 2) Enter your timezone to sync your calendar with our calendar. 3) If you'd like to add multiple available classes or multiple back to back private coaching sessions, select "Add a class" to choose another one. 4) For example, if you want to do a 1 hour coaching session, purchase two available timeslots back to back -- ex: 1pm and 2pm. Work 60 minutes from your first scheduled session, from 1-2pm. This gives Tim a built in break before the next session. 4) If you accidentally choose too many sessions, don't worry, you can always delete something from your list before you pay. Your list usually shows up to the bottom left of your screen (if you're using a desktop or laptop computer.) You'll see a trash can symbol next to each option -- click that if you'd like to delete the option. 5) When you're finished selecting available dates, select "Continue" to enter the payscreen. 6) You'll be prompted to add (and upload) your name, email, headshot, resume, and sides, if optional. You will be invited to this EVERY time unless you create an account, in which case, one and done. Actors, even though it's funny to see your last meal uploaded as your headshot, keep in mind we need one current image of you in the system. Your photo is preferred. BREAK A LEG AND EMAIL IF YOU CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT!

How come I didn't hear about the new Physical Life intensive?

In response to COVID-19, Tim Phillips Studio has gone fully digital. Rather than being problematic, this increased intimacy has provided numerous actors major breakthroughs and new work from the privacy of their own homes. You didn't hear about the new Physical Life workshop unless you were an ongoing part of the sold out online classes for the last year drawing from weekly participants across the country and world. Class with Tim Phillips is now fully hybrid as a result. Actors can always expect that one aspect of the teaching is fully rooted in stage technique and the other is solidly embedded in film and TV. Neither works without a solid sense of character, based on the text. This is what Tim Phillips teaches, with tools that put you in charge of your craft. Video classes have taken everything to the next level. Instead of learning a quick "do-this-to-get-that" formula, learn by experience. Learn as you grow. Join us for affordable and excellent ongoing oncamera classes. The next Physical Life workshop will occur in the Spring/Summer of 2022!

Is Tim going to do in-person classes again?

There are no plans at this time to return to in-person classes. Tim has discovered through the intensive closeup work that online classes demand, that actors are more present in their work, more vulnerable, and more fully in character than when surrounded by their classmates in an in-person setting. Working in this way teaches actors to pay attention to the nuances of even the smallest facial gestures and changes in vocal intonation. Actors working with Tim Phillips are constantly improving their closeups while physically embodying their characters.

How can I network with other TPS actors?

Our policy is to never connect people internally without all parties' consent, only to share a specific request and give that person the option of reaching back independently. Please note (as this has happened many many times), working with other Tim Phillips actors does not make them experts on Tim's teaching. Right now, Tim is referring actors to James Dumont for oncamera technique (online and in-person), to Zillah Glory for practice and coaching (online, by appt), and to George Adams (independent taping service in Atlanta) and Higher Elevation Studio (taping service in Atlanta) for taping, with the understanding that for the core training, there's no one who can teach the way Tim does. Our hope is that you'll enjoy the connection and the practice and always feel comfortable drawing lines around your own process and your own way of approaching what you're learning from Tim. Working the way Tim teaches, you are free and independent contractors. You own your work. You take responsibility for your outcomes. Feel free to follow TPS online via the socials - and do direct outreach to persons you'd like to meet there.

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+ 30 minute private phone coaching sessions for $35 to provide an excellent & affordable creative lifeline for actors and artists everywhere.


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