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Actors are what they do. Characters are what they do. People are what they do. See how that works?

Human Universals - also known as Cliches, are absolutely critical to the work all actors do or you won't be recognizable on the big screen or stage.

  • Learn what Tools to use for what Genre

  • Expand Your Range

  • Test Your Craft

  • Reach Further Than You Knew You Could

  • Record Your Progress

  • Get Top Notch Feedback and Re-Directs From Master Teacher, Director, Author, and 40 Year Audition Coach Tim Phillips

Tim Phillips has honed human tools for universally recognized and unavoidable characters. Step into Genre Class and learn how to handle each Genre with all the Truth you have in you. | $50 Per 3 Hour Zoom Class | 10 Actors

Register Here:

Actors in the Drama Genre Class highlight their Aha Moments.

July 27 Drama
Aug 3  Comedy
Aug 10 Historical & Period
Aug 17 Action & Adventure
Aug 24 Crime & Detective
Aug 31 Fantasy & Romance

Sept 12 Horror, Thriller, & Mystery
Sept 19 Documentary, Biopic, Reenactment
Sept 26 Classical & Shakespeare
Oct 3 (WILD CARD) Western, Sci Fi, Experimental, & Animated 


Register and upload a headshot, resume, and your favorite 1-2 page scene for any one of the genres covered on that date. 

Before class, receive an email with background research, a selection of clips, a couple scenes you can choose from if you want an alternative to your scene, and the Zoom link. 

Tim will introduce and group Sherlock the clips with you.


THEN you'll audition your prepared material using what you've learned, receive adjustments and redirects with recommended tools, and record your work on your computer.

Who better to dig in deep with than Tim Phillips? 

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+ 30 minute private phone coaching sessions for $35 to provide an excellent & affordable creative lifeline for actors and artists everywhere.


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