One 30 minute personally tailored, private, one-on-one phone consultation with 35 year master teacher and audition coach Tim Phillips, from anywhere in the world. 


Until we make it safely through this coronavirus spread, it's best for the health and wellness of us all to honor the social distancing required at this time. We thank you for your participation! 




We are moving Tim's work online.
Soon we'll put up a booking calendar that will allow you to independently schedule your 30 minute coaching sessions, 7 days a week, every half hour on the hour, from 10:00am-9:00pm.  Until we get the new system online, please be very clear in your communication to help the team out as we reconfigure Tim Phillips Studio. 


1) If you want a full hour, please purchase 2 of these sessions.  2) Confirm with Tim that he has availability via email.  3) Cc' &  4) Send Tim your materials and attach your headshot and resume for context. 


Heads up -- no more working audits or non-working audits until this passes. 
All workshops will be reformatted into small group virtual classrooms that you'll be able to join online from the safety of your home. We are postponing the DoubleHeader and Building The Physical Life of the Character till we get Tim fully set up. Free Movie Nights will still take place, but online. We plan to update and change formats as early as next week and will keep putting out information as we grow forward. 
In terms of what you can do with your practice -- we highly recommend you set up your personal taping studioa backdrop, 1-2 lights, and get yourself a small tripod and phone clip to record yourself, there are suddenly quite a few audition opportunities for virtual jobs.  A directional mic for your phone will greatly improve your recording quality or you can plug a lapel mic in as well.  In this new environment, a home studio is critical while we keep our social distance and plan for the best possible outcome. Now is a great perfect time to learn iMovie basic editing (or any other software of your choice.) 
Those of you who've toyed with writing your own work for a while, now is the time! Write those short scenes and coach them with Tim! The master of Sherlock Holmesing the Text is the perfect ace in your pocket for great new materials. If you're on the mailing list (you should be on the mailing list) we're going to move the majority of our early bird notices there, so if you're paying attention --> here's where we'll  prioritize putting out new information and updates: 


  • Website for purchasing (new online booking system coming this weekend) 
  • Mailing Lists for early bird notice of new events and opportunities
  • Instagrams and Instagram Stories to reach out to let you know new info is up
  • The Studio Calendar to doublecheck availability and online workshops
Hang in there, and keep in touch! Take care of yourselves and each other, and let's keep going together. Who loves ya? TIM PHILLIPS STUDIO

1/2 Hour Private Coaching By Phone

$75.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
  • Satisfy the requirements of any audition or development process as a free & independent contractor able to bring choices to the table that are utterly justified by the text, using Tim Phillips' 35 years of knowledge as well as career-tested tools designed to make you and your work fiercely spontaneous & authentically unavoidable. 

  • If you are fulfilling your classpass credits, be aware that if you cancel your session, you'll forfeit that credit. If you are a potential new student, this is the best time to get to work with Tim. Consider supplementing your private coaching with a copy of his book: Audition For Your Career, Not The Job.  


TIM PHILLIPS STUDIO will offer 30 minute private phone coaching sessions for only $25 to provide a creative lifeline for actors and artists during this unprecedented time. We're all in this together!


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