The one and only audition workshop that can literally change your career. Learn how to be a detective first, and see your material in a whole new light! Take the insecurity out of self-taping by learning how to see all of the clues embedded in your text. 


SHERLOCK HOLMESING THE TEXT Audition Workshop from 10am-12pm, $75

Learn how to glean every clue from your sides as if you're an audition detective and all the answers are already in your hands. (They are.) Then, fully justified by the text, apply 2-3 practical tools to transform your auditions into camera-ready, spontaneous, and unavoidable characters we can't look away from. Learn what the actor's work really is by Sherlock Holmesing a set of TV sides together.  Be unavoidable!


This is the foundation of all of Tim's teaching, and a way of working that causes the actor to fall in love with auditioning, one a-ha moment at a time. 


ADDRESS: 3772 Pleasantdale Rd, Atlanta, GA 30340

There are no refunds with cancellation. 
If you have a friend you'd like to send in your place, please let us know by emailing


  • You don't need anything except what will make you comfortable in this 2 hour event. Group participation, snacks and water/coffee welcome, and something to take notes with. Tim will have his book available for those interested. 


  • There are no refunds with cancellation. If you need, please find someone to replace your spot. Help us out by emailing with that person's name and email address. See ya soon! 

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