Stack the deck in your favor with this easy to use audition manual for on-camera actors.
Every on-camera audition is an opportunity to advance your acting career, and master audition coach Tim Phillips puts 35 years of experience directly into your back pocket, with step by step, clear, and immediately actionable tools you can use to improve your acting career today. 


PURCHASE HERE EVEN IF YOU'RE PICKING IT UP FROM TIM DIRECTLY.  If shipping is required, there's an additional flat-rate $6 charge, for a total of $24.95. 

Book: Audition For Your Career, Not The Job

  • Buy 'Audition For Your Career, Not The Job' directly from Tim, or you can have it shipped for an additional $6 cost. 


    There are other great places to find this book:

    Barnes and Noble

    Drama Bookshop (NYC) 

    Nook (Ebook)

    Kindle (Ebook)



+ 30 minute private phone coaching sessions for $30 to provide a creative lifeline for actors and artists during this unprecedented time.


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