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Tim Phillips Studio Recommended

Expand Your Mind, Move Your Body, Ignite Creativity

Great Actors Focus on the Whole Picture

Training, Practice, & Tools for Creativity, Voice, Mind, Heart & Body

Actor Training
Actor Practice
Social Media

Tim Phillips 

Audition & Actor Training

  • Start with the best. Clear, specific, and unavoidable. You at your best, on stage & screen. Who loves ya? 

Tim Phillips Studio has a history of assistants and long term students being teachers as well.

  • While there are many wonderful teachers to recommend, those under the Tim Phillips umbrella are specifically dedicated to developing the innate curiosity, intuition, and deductive reasoning of students into ownership of their personal craft - rather than fitting actors and artists into a one size fits all methodology. 

  • Each of the following have made a lowered price available to Tim Phillips Studio actors during the pandemic.


Zillah Glory

Practice Coaching

  • Put your tools to work.  Build out your practice and portfolio in a small group or one-on-one format. 

Zillah has been documenting, assisting, teacher training, website building, and practice coaching for Tim Phillips Studio since early 2013. She adheres to his quote: "There is nothing that can be taught you can't learn by doing."  She values excellence, access, and empowerment. 

Practice & tape with Zillah

  • As needed, one on one

  • 30 mins, $20 per person

  • 60 mins, $35 per person

  • Sunday Practice, 6 actors, 1:30-3pm Eastern, $25

George BG_Remove.png


Social Media For Actors

  • Learn best practices in 1 hour group settings & then go deeper with private planning sessions. 

George is behind the often inspirational, lighthearted, and powerful postings on Tim Phillips Studio Southeast Instagram. He is an actor and a motivational fitness coach who brings that ethic to everything he does. 

Work with George

  • Monthly

  • In 2 Hour Workshops

  • Only $50/person



Voice & Vocal Production

  • 30 years of success with actors, business leaders, and singers. Optimize the original social media - your voice. 

The combination of working actor, singer, and Speaking Skills Master Coach makes for a great dynamic, and Linda is deeply invested in your personal mastery.

Join Linda on 

  • Thursdays June 11-July 2

  • from 2-3:30pm Eastern Time

  • 4 week Class Cycles, Drop-ins or Package available

  • Up to 10 participantsOnly $50 per session

  • Use Code TimPhillips2020 to log into the hidden page

Cari Moskow

Mindfulness Yoga

  • A relaxed heart, mind, and body are critically important to your wellbeing and career. Join Cari's yoga sessions for greater health.

Cari Moskow is an actress, yoga teacher, and breast cancer survivor. In NYC around 2008, an acting teacher recommended yoga to Cari as a tool to connect with her voice and physical presence.


Join Cari every week on

  • TuesdaysWednesdays and /or Thursdays 

  • from 12pm-12:45pm

  • Monthly memberships available for only $60

  • Let Cari know you study with Tim. 

Elizabeth Mozer

Movement For Actors

  • Join teacher, dancer, director, deviser, and solo show creator Elizabeth M. in whole body explorations of physical space & motion. 

Elizabeth specializes in embodied art of acting, somatic approaches to actor training, devising and performance, physical theatre, movement, creating and directing original theatre - both collaborative ensemble and solo works, the Meisner technique, on-camera auditioning and acting, theatre pedagogy and cross-disciplinary exchange. 


Join Elizabeth every week on 

  • Wednesdays


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