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From the man who wrote the book 'Audition For Your Career Not The Job': 

"This is how you un-victimize yourself. This is how you know what to do. You gotta know who you are from the character's point of view. How? By learning how to see all the clues in your sides. 

When you finish an audition, they have to know they are in the presence of a GOOD ACTOR, that you are someone who can be trusted to do the work.


Your job? To get good at it." 

How-To Training Every Actor Needs

SHERLOCK HOLMESING THE TEXT Humanizing Script Breakdowns 

WOLF HALL WORKSHOP The Genius Of Specificity

ATLANTA Dec 6, 2019



Learn how to glean every clue from your sides as if you're an audition detective and all the answers are already in your hands. Then, fully justified by the text, apply 2-3 practical tools to transform your auditions into camera-ready, spontaneous, and unavoidable characters we can't look away from. Learn what the actor's work really is by Sherlock Holmesing a set of TV sides together.  


This is the foundation of all of Tim's teaching and makes script analysis fun again. Fall in love with auditioning one a-ha moment at a time! 

No materials necessary! 

Recommended Reading: Tim's Book

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