This 5 day workshop is the pinnacle of 37 years of personal and professional examination of the Meisner Technique through the filter of experience and what satisfies the character most.


Now you can apply this Meisner process to Film & TV, and Tim includes a section about what two things are most important to satisfy character for auditions. Training that bridges stage and screen through character. 

No more theory.  Characters are not theoretical. They are human beings.


Liberate yourself by unfolding the truth of the character physically not mentally, and do in it a such a way that you completely bypass effort & anxiety.

DAYS 1 and 2

Receive your materials, chosen scene, and partner. Learn how to draw clues to character from the text and immediately incorporate the two tools most useful for your auditions.

DAYS 3 and 4

Eliminate the brain/body split most actors have been trained into by unfolding through a process that can only be experienced, not explained. 



After finding yourself in the character's physical body, branch out to explore the world surrounding your character through working the scene and learning the difference between physical life for stage and film. 


Atlanta Tuition $500 / $400 Return Participants

Tues/Thurs 6-10pm / All Other Days 10-3pm

$250 Nonrefundable Deposit to Reserve

NEW YORK FEB 17-21 Sold Out

NYC Tuition $650 / $500 Return Participants

5 Days 10-3PM 

$300 Nonrefundable Deposit to Reserve

  • Actors, prepay the minimum deposit to confirm your attendance. This amount is non-refundable and necessary before we will complete the pairing process. 

  • You'll receive an email with your material and character assignments soon as the full group is confirmed. Those of you who pre-registered before Jan 1st, 2020, will be invoiced the remainder of the fee minus $50 in thanks.

  • POLICY: Attendance is mandatory for the full benefits of this 5 day training, especially since you'll be partnered up. There are no refunds with cancellation.

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