A special event featuring TIM PHILLIPS STUDIO

Hosted by Prism Stage Company

Oct 17 @ 7:30pm ET

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This event is hosted by Prism Stage Company ~ platforming actors, directors, and playwrights over 40! 

Originally Meisner-trained, Tim Phillips realized the need for a process that would bring the truthfulness of character and object work to the high-paced turnarounds the Film & TV industry demand. ​Sherlock Holmesing The Text was invented to meet that demand.


In returning to great plays, Phillips raises the craft required for great auditions to an art, and continues teaching highly committed, free and independent artists how to be prepared, willing, and down to play - no matter what the work.


Five years after returning to Building the Physical Life of the Character workshops with in-person teaching - Tim has simplified the training even further with this first of its kind online intensive. 

On Oct 17, we support the artists who take the private work of in-class training into the public arena. Join us to celebrate! 

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ONLINE at 7:15pm
MEET Tim Phillips at 7:30pm

In order from left to right, descending:

  • Christopher Patrick & Jasmine Smith - Lorna Moon and Joe Bonaparte, Golden Boy by Clifford Odets

  • Juan Carlos Diaz & Michaela Morgan -Jean and Miss Julie, Miss Julie by August Strindberg

  • Cheryl Prater - Claudia, Nuts by Tom Topor

  • Jennifer E Greenfield, Karen Musey - Wanda and *Rachel, The Baby Dance by Jane Anderson

  • Annie Acker, Ebin Antony - Lorna Moon and Joe Bonaparte, Golden Boy by Clifford Odets

  • Gabriel Rosales, Mallory Mejias - Torch and Blue, Beirut by Alan Bowne

  • Ariane Reinhart, Paul Berney - Ruth and Charles, Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward

  • George Adams, Trang Le - Henrey and Rosannah, Brilliant Traces by Cindy Lou Johnson, (pre-recorded.) 

The full roster is not available. Zillah Glory will read *Rachel in The Baby Dance.


This intensive character workshop is the pinnacle of 40 years of personal and professional examination of the Meisner Technique through the filter of experience and what satisfies character most.


Apply Meisner's process to Film & TV.  Learn what two things are most important to satisfy character for auditions.


Experience training that bridges the gap between stage and screen through character. 

No more theory.  Characters are not theoretical, they are human, and the writers have given you everything you need to let go into remarkable and moving work. 


Liberate yourself by unfolding the truth of the character physically not mentally, and do in it a such a way that you completely bypass effort & anxiety.

At the Beginning

Receive your materials, chosen scene, and partner. Learn how to draw clues to character from the text and immediately incorporate the two tools most useful for your auditions.

Midway Through

Eliminate the brain/body split most actors have been trained into by unfolding through a process that can only be experienced, not explained. 


Wrapping the Process

After finding yourself in the character's physical body, branch out to explore the world surrounding your character through working the scene and learning the difference between physical life for stage and film. 

You have to go through this process in order to actually own it, otherwise it’s just a thought. We're building the spine of your character, not a judgement; working this way, you discover it’s just true, you don’t have to justify the work, it's simply physical, isn’t it? 

This is strange to many actors because it requires almost no thought. It’s the ultimate "pinch ouch". You know how when you stub your toe you go, “Oh fuck?” — It’s that. It’s absolutely truthful." 


  • These workshops normally take place in Atlanta and New York City monthly - except over the December/New Year holidays.

  • In the fall of 2021, this workshop will be offered for the first time online, via Zoom.  

  • Actors, prepay the minimum deposit to confirm your attendance. This amount is non-refundable and necessary before we complete the pairing process. 

  • You'll receive an email with your material and character assignments soon as the full group is confirmed. 

  • POLICY: Attendance is mandatory for the full benefits of this 8-class training, especially since you'll be partnered up. There are no refunds with cancellation.

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+ 30 minute private phone coaching sessions for $35 to provide an excellent & affordable creative lifeline for actors and artists everywhere.


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