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Bring The Book To Life

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Better auditions means more work.


Satisfy the requirements of any audition with clear and specific tools that allow you the freedom to make unavoidable choices, justified by the text. 

Working this way, your work becomes simple, direct, universally appealing, and with practice, highly effective.

 Sherlock Holmesing The Text On-Camera Classes - Online - 2x A Week

Character & Audition Master Classes

Chapters & Dates

WEDNESDAYS 11am-2pm Eastern

THURSDAYS 7-10pm Eastern

Bring Your Characters To Life 

Using Human Universals 

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  • Memorization is not required. These are NOT "scene study" classes. The focus is on helping you to build your craft, strengthen your intuition, and return to why you fell in love with acting in the first place, playing through character.

  • Learn HOW TO FIND WHAT TO ACT by leaving yourself alone and opening up to the clues embedded in every text. 

  • You have the option to upload your own 2-3 page materials when you register and prep as if you're auditioning, with feedback and redirects from Tim Phillips. Apply the tools. Keep in mind, sharing your sides needs to be confirmed at least 24 hours prior to class, and all participants will have access to those materials. (Check your NDAs.)

  • You're not competing with anyone else in the room, only improving on what you do to be prepared. This is YOUR masterclass. This is YOUR craft. You lead by how you show up. 

  • In addition, we provide 2-3 scenes to choose from each week. The Tuesday actors get the materials first. You'll receive an email from either Elssa or Zillah with your materials for the week.

  • Class consists of 8-10 working actors. Expect an email confirmation as soon as you register, with chapter info, and your Zoom link.

  • SAVE YOUR CLASS CONFIRMATION EMAIL: If you need to cancel, you can, and as long as you save your confirmation email, you can also reschedule.  Please do this no later than 6 hours prior to each class. ​ If you cancel frequently, you may be asked to leave class till you can make a better commitment.  ​


Tim Phillips has been conducting professional ongoing on-camera classes for 40+ years. He was one of the first to recognize auditioning as an art unto itself, and through love of acting and character work, has developed training designed: 

  1. to get actors jobs at every point in their careers

  2. to train free & independent contractors 


He continues to help actors, directors, writers, and future audition coaches hone the skills needed to get better, more sustainable work in the arts and industry. Actors who are a great fit are those committed to professional standards of excellence and are always interested in being better prepared.


  • Start with what you're great at. Coach and prep your current auditions, past auditions you want to revisit or refine, or material you know you have to be seen for. 


  • If you're developing material for your reels, bring that into your Private Coaching. Tim is dedicated to your ownership of your craft, which includes you knowing who you are, how you're seen, what you're good at, and how to show up prepared and ready to play, able to take adjustments on a dime. 

  • In-person classes are on hold. Join Tim on Zoom instead, where you can expand your auditioning skills by working in depth and in closeup. See great results, changeability and improvement in real time. Request to record your work. 


Tim Phillips Studio is providing 30 minute private phone coaching sessions  & conducting weekly acting and audition classes via Zoom. There are no plans to return to in-person teaching at this time.


"This is the hedonism school of acting. If it feels good, do it. If you're not having fun, no one is." - Tim Phillips

What to Expect: Whether you're an actor who hopes to be known for one type or brand, or you're someone who has made it your mission to explore the full range of representative styles available in film or television, it's incredibly important to know how to build character when your opportunities come.


These classes are designed to: 

  • 'un-confuse' you (no more "I don't know...") 

  • expose you to a range of style guides and parameters 

  • teach you to recognize the tone of a particular writer, director, genre, or audition and proceed accordingly

  • give you a space where you can let loose fearlessly

  • and use the most actor-empowering, character-empowering, trust-creating tools available today.   

After 40 years of coaching everyone from celebrities to teenagers just starting out, Tim Phillips has seen it all. 

  • Always, experience transformation through character. 

• Which audition preparation tools work best for you

• A set of simple, effective, immediately applicable acting tools that ground you in honesty 

• How to nail the first ten seconds of the audition, which is where most actors lose the job

• How to work from your gut by staying out of your head

• How to quickly make adjustments and incorporate redirects in your auditions, callbacks, and on set

• How to handle complex directions in a spontaneous manner

• The most simple and human ways to glean from the text every clue the writer has embedded there

• How to really get and satisfy a variety of character breakdowns


Studying with Tim

You'll Learn and Master 

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