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Right now, a private one on one from the safety of your own home is just the thing, whether for an unexpected audition (we're seeing virtual auditions for "character actors" and lots of remote VO coming in) or an area of exploration you'd like more work on. 

These coachings are equally useful to actors, directors, and writers. Half-hour sessions are available via phone, Facetime, or Zoom. You are encouraged to book as many 30 minute sessions as you'd like. We're keeping the price low to ameliorate financial concerns and to make it easier for you to put your attention and focus on what feeds your soul.

If you'd like to work for an hour or longer, simply purchase multiple sessions back to back and then work your hour (or more) starting with the initial time slot. You are welcome to set up a Zoom call, but please do not require Tim to do anything other than to show up. 

First Time? 

  • All appointments now include the opportunity to upload your sides, headshot, and resume in separate fields and to select your coaching type: ​​​

    • Audition​

    • Ongoing Training

    • Physical Life (character work) 

    • My Writing (new materials)

  • Remember to gather and include all your breakdown information as well! 

  • ​WRITERS & FILMMAKERS a short resume of your work and background would also be useful. 

Tim's extensive experience with texts has translated into fantastic private actor coaching, script reads, and consultations with actors, filmmakers, writers, and directors.  

35 years of intense investigation into script analysis helps actors translate the requirement of what is in the text into the medium of on-camera audition technique. 


Tim's curiosity about how best to connect quality acting with excellent auditioning skill while under pressure has opened the door to his unique and universally accessible tools.  He calls this 'Sherlock Holmesing the Text.'

If you're a writer developing material and want to strengthen an articulate vision, or are filmmaking and need to translate your vision into simple, immediately accessible, actionable directions to get spontaneous, authentic work from your actors, no one does it better or with more generosity than Tim Phillips. 

“My confidence, my grounding, and my bookings went up literally 300% - 400% after working with Tim. The intuitive thing Tim has developed, how he zeroes in on a script and also you, your work just opens up. He's definitely a master."


“The craft of writing begins with creating clear relationships and how they pertain to the human condition, something no one teaches better than Tim Phillips. Tim’s approach to writing is complementary to his approach to acting. Take the guess work out of building a character and the world around them by replacing the voodoo of good work with craft.”

JASON FURLANI, author of THE BIG VIG, LEADED, series writer on TITANS

"As a casting director, when I audition an actor who has studied with Tim, I see they know how to find a connection to the material and have confidence to use it in their work. That's often the difference between being a good actor and a working actor."

NORA BRENNAN, casting director, 2016 Artios award for MATILDA THE MUSICAL

Tim Shakespeare Stories (Instagram Post).png
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Tim Phillips Studio provides an excellent & affordable creative lifeline for actors and artists everywhere.


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