JAN 26

12-2pm PRACTICE NYC $25


1-3pm PRACTICE NYC $25


1-3pm PRACTICE NYC $25

Specify date (s) when you pay in the notes section. You can change the amount to book multiple dates.

Location confirmed via email the day before. Currently meeting in NYC & Fairfield, CT.

We now pay casting directors, agents, and producers to take a look at our work while countless studios capitalize on getting the artist to pay to create material which, quite often, isn't as generous a platform for our talent as it should be. We find ourselves running into a trap with cookie cutter scenes, edits, and communication templates while being told we need to constantly provide new material. That puts most artists out of the running. 

What gets lost - and what we need to find again for ourselves - is the fun of choosing for ourselves and of playing with tools that humanize and personalize the work we love. That's why Practice is a place and state of mind where artists get to choose: 


  1. how we'd like to be

  2. what kind of material we generate

  3. what skills we want to build

  4. and what casting we'd like to expand into.

Thanks to Tim's teaching, in practice we take responsibility and ownership of our work.

First learn from master teacher Tim Phillips. Then put that training to work for you.

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