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Practice is what you do after you've taken the classes, done the workshops, & read all the books. Practice builds ownership, and ownership creates muscles you can't lose.

Hone your knowledge with physical, flexible, bone-deep skills using Tim Phillips tools, and make your art truly your own. 

The goal? Move your baseline one practice at a time. Gain materials you can use to build a portfolio that represents your full range. Get onto your feet and throw yourself into the ring with pleasure. Do your work with confidence.


Conducted online by associate practice coach

Zillah Glory.

Personal 1 on 1 or

Small Group Format

Reader/Coach/ & Tech Taping Support

YOU define what you want to work on in a respectful environment using the most actor-empowering tools available.

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Bring Skill To Your Full Range

Grow Confident In Your Craft

Prepare - Find Free & Connected


Have Fun & Improvise

Do Good Work & Own It


  • great auditions with a great reader

  • portfolio development to show your full range of casting

  • screenshots & behind the scenes footage to share via social media 

  • material for your video channels 

  • website enhancement

  • reel prep and development

  • character development

  • expanded casting


No more waiting. Walk your talk.

Craft is a muscle that needs regular flexing. That's why practice is the foundation of all arts. Create your practice with excellent tools at an affordable price.


Because how you use your time matters more than what you pay for it. Skill build and portfolio-proof your way to an amazing body of work.

Practice is a place and state of mind where artists get to choose: 


  1. how we'd like to be

  2. who we'd like to be

  3. what materials best represent us

  4. what kinds of material we'd like to generate

  5. what skills we plan to build

  6. and what casting we are ready for. 


After Practice, record and capture your work in the PostSolo Arena. 

Start with master teacher Tim Phillips. Then put that training into practice. See for yourself.