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Reserve private phone coaching in 30-minute blocks, every hour on the hour, for only $30 for a limited amount of time. You will be invited to upload your headshot, resume, and sides with each booking. To work privately for an hour, purchase 2 half-hours back to back (10am and 11am, for example) and work the first timeslot. 

For PRIVATE COACHING, select whether this is an:

  • audition

  • ongoing training

  • physical life character work

  • or your own new material development

We take credit cards and Paypal. All appointments have to be reserved with a credit card, but won’t be charged unless you authorize the charge. 

You will be presented with the option of logging in to create your own account page. This is not necessary, but may save you time when it comes to uploading your payment information. 

For those of you who are just joining, ongoing on-camera classes are via Zoom. You'll receive the link with your follow-up information or materials 10-12 hours prior to your scheduled session. 

We appreciate your help and feedback on all parts of this process as we implement new ways of working during this health crisis.  Thanks from Tim, Z, and George! 




Zillah Glory


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to audition to join a class?

No, though we recommend that if you have any hesitation at all, you sign up for a non-working audit. The good fit goes both ways. Otherwise, step in whenever there's an open spot, and email to be added to the Shortlist so that if a cancellation occurs, you get the first invite to drop in and work for half price.

Is there a minimum age for class?

Yes, though when a 16-17 year old actor has been particularly well-adjusted through private coaching sessions (first), they are occasionally invited into the online Zoom classes. If you are wondering about your right fit and are also under 18, you must schedule a private coaching with Tim Phillips to work before you can be invited into the ongoing classes.

I'm having trouble with the scheduler.

This happens occasionally. Here are some possible fixes: 1) Refresh your browser window and try again. 2) Change your browser and try again.

How come I can't schedule the class I want?

It might be sold out :) Availability is signaled with a BLACK BOLD DATE on the calendar. If a spot is not available, the dates remain gray. This is not your last chance however. Email us to add yourself to the Shortlist so that if a spot opens last minute, we can reach out to you within that 24 hour window to invite you in at half price.

Can I schedule an audit?

Yes. When a class is sold out, we add two non-working audits spot to the roster, at $25. If spots are available in advance, you'll find them offered online. On the chance that someone cancels within 24 hours of a class start, we email our Shortlist to ask for a working or non-working audit replacement.

How do I schedule MULTIPLE classes?

1) Click on the icon (image) of the class or coaching you'd like to join. 2) Enter your timezone to sync your calendar and appointment with ours. 3) If you'd like to add multiple available classes, select "Add a class" to choose another one. 4) If you accidentally choose too many classes, don't worry, you can always delete what is in your list, which usually shows up to the bottom left of your screen (if you're using a desktop or laptop computer.) 5) When you're finished selecting available dates, select "Continue" to enter the payscreen. 6) You'll be prompted to add (and upload) your name, email, headshot, resume, and sides, if optional. You will be invited to this EVERY time unless you create an account, in which case, one and done. BREAK A LEG AND EMAIL IF YOU CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT!

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+ 30 minute private phone coaching sessions for $30 to provide a creative lifeline for actors and artists during this unprecedented time.


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