"I teach actors how to find what to act with 
tools anyone can use to get the job at any stage of your career."  

Auditioning is its own art, and premiere acting teacher and master on-camera audition coach Tim Phillips has been launching free and independent actors into successful careers for over 37 years by training actors how to be unavoidable.  He calls this humanizing process 'Sherlock Holmesing The Text." 


Actors who work this way are clear, specific, and unavoidable, and always supported by the text.


Be in command of your craft with simple, practical, and empowering tools that connect you deeply to the material in a very short time, while allowing for incredible flexibility on-set. Take note of the power, confidence, and responsibility each actor gains by justifying your work to your characters first, because you now know how to honor what the writer wrote.  Bring skill and craft to support your every audition going forward. 

Tim's pioneering how-to book Audition For Your Career, Not The Job was published after 30 years of proven results. Read it to gain practical and immediately useful tools that will satisfy the full range of ability needed for stage and screen careers.

"Those who read this book will find that there is much to learn from Tim Phillips. Read it. Digest it. You'll be very well informed.


With 60,000+ coaching sessions under his belt, audition coach and premiere acting teacher Tim Phillips knows what works.


Tim ignited the careers of Emmy award-winning Richard Schiff, Golden Globe nominee Wendy Malick, the excellent Robert Wisdom, James DuMont, Bruce Nozick (...) and many others, and is responsible for catapulting countless actors into better jobs and more satisfying careers onscreen.

At home with everyone, Tim Phillips is a master of highly advanced personal coaching with professional actors in full-fledged careers as much as weekly on-camera audition training for emerging actors who have yet to make their mark on the industry.

Tim lives by the saying "when the student shows up, the teacher appears." His training is individual, specific, immediately applicable, and freeing.

"If you want tools that help you take command of your craft under pressure, under duress, under any set of circumstances, whether nurturing or maddening... Tim provides a boot camp for actors that retrains us, redirects us to become hunters for truth in our work.


“Tim Phillips provides working actors with a great environment to stretch and experiment. His style of teaching fosters great respect for the work and for each other. And it was always fun.”


“After working many years in Mexico I needed to understand how American auditions worked.
Auditioning was NOT my thing…with Tim I learned to get where I needed to be emotionally really fast and with very little info. Now I actually enjoy auditioning a lot!! He’s sharp and accurate!! And he loves actors. 


“I’ve come to think of Tim Phillips as ‘The Wizard.’ I’ve worked for several years with Tim as my coach and teacher.
His deep instinct to follow clues of language, emotion, and tone invariably leads actors into a place they’re not aware they know about. Yet, by session’s end, they are certain they not only know it, but are at home in this place: the soul of the character.
Tim Phillips is a master for anyone working on stage or in television and film.


"Tim Phillips opened my eyes to being more specific than I thought I could be.


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2011 Actor Chats Podcast with Joey Marino & Jeff Bower

TPS Actor Chats Part 1.png

In this segment Tim talks about his relationship with Robert Duvall, how he became a teacher, and humanizing the work. 

TPS Actor Chats Part 2.png

In this segment Tim talks about acting in closeups, auditioning, and relationships to objects. 

TPS Actor Chats Part 3.png

In this segment Tim talks about working with James DuMont, being angry oncamera, and advice for young performers.

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